Medical Services

Medical Services:

The center has provided several free Medical services related to Genetic Disorders, including:

1. Genetic Disorders Clinic:

Receives referral cases from different departments of King Abdulaziz Hospital such as, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Neurosurgery and others. In addition, some cases are referred from neighboring hospitals in the region as well as neighboring areas, where genetic cases are diagnosed at all ages.

2. Down Syndrome Clinic:

It is the only clinic in the Kingdom that was established similar in style to Down clinics in North America where the patient, from one visit, receives all the services from children’s examination, genetic counselling, follow-ups to prevent future complications, examination of the eyes, ears and heart and a visit to the nutritionist and social worker with opportunities of education about the disease and meeting other people and their families , as well as linking them to rehabilitation centers and helping them to join them.

3. Genetic Counselling Clinic:

For families who need detailed genetic counseling, including those who want to get married, especially consanguineous marriages, families planning on going for PGD, families requiring genetic analysis of samples, as well as post-mortem appointments for a child who has died of a genetic disease; So that they can know the cause of death and the possibility of reoccurrence in another pregnancy, as well as ways of prevention and so on.

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