Global Events

Participitation in the 1st UAE International Genetic Metabolic Conference  .. More

PACER-HD demonstrators Khalida Nasir and Ashwaq Al-sabban traveled to Darmstadt- Germany at Life  .. More


Alaa Edrees, participation in the Human Variom Project Work shop .. More

Alaa Edrees, poster presentation at the 60th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics .. More

Participation of PACER-HD in the 3rd Jordanian International Congress of Allergy & Immunology .. More


Alaa Edrees, demonstrator at PACER-HD participates in the human variome project workshop held at the annual American .. More

lecture on novel therapeutic modalities in the arrhythmia syndromes at the Cardiac Arrhythmias and Sudden Death Symposium in St. George's University – London...more

lecture about Homozygous KCNQ1 mutation could cause arrhythmia and no deafness in the Swiss Russian Conference...more

Human Variome Project...more

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