Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services:

Stem cell Laboratory:

A basic laboratory was established to generate stem cells at Princess Al-Jawhara Center of Excellence in Research of Hereditary Disorders at King Abdulaziz University to conduct research projects that contribute to a greater understanding of a variety of biological questions that include, important applications for developmental biological studies and laboratory models for diseases and possible future applications in the field of regenerative medicine. Moreover, the laboratory has the potential to offer the various applications of pluripotent stem cells to a number of universities and research institutions in the Middle Eastern region.

Molecular Biology Laboratory:

The laboratories’ research team works on various projects maintaining International standards and on applying the latest technologies in order to obtain the most accurate results. These techniques include: PCR, Sequencing, Real Time PCR and DNA/RNA Extraction.

Cytogenetics Laboratory:

The laboratory undergoes various analysis and experiments, such as, Chromosome Analysis, Microarray, Cell culture and FISH technique.

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